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Residential and Home Electrical Supplies

Cajun Breakers not only serves the vast industrial sector we also cater to the needs of people like you. Cajun Breakers carries a complete line of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, tools, bulbs, and controls available in the south. Having trouble with an outdated ballast? We have residential electrical solutions to complete any at-home project. Make your house a home with Cajun Breaker’s line of Residential and Home Electrical Supplies.

Residential and Housing Electrical supplies

Supplying all your home and do-it-yourself electric needs

Our experienced employees are ready to help you get all of your oil refinery and oil production electrical supply needs from the best brands at better prices.

Light Fixtures

We provide a broad array of light fixtures to accent any home, from modern and minimalist styles to rustic and vintage. Our employees can help find lighting that can fit any personal aesthetic. Shine a light on your personality with our selection of light fixtures.

Electrical Tools & Installation Supplies

We stock a large range of Klein Tools for all your electrical wiring and installation needs including screws, connectors, plates, wiring, tubing, mounts, brackets, and more.

LED, CFL, Tube, & Light Bulbs

We store a multitude of options in terms of lighting because we know every house is not built the same. Try our LED or CFL bulbs for more energy-efficient lighting or our Tube lighting for longer light life. 

Outdoor Lighting

We supply all types of large-scale lighting and LED lighting including marker lights, strobes, explosion proof lights, bay lighting, flood lights, jelly jars, light bars, junction boxes, switches and much more.

Balasts, Drivers, Breakers, & More

We provide a full line of electrical solutions including ballasts for any age of lighting fixture, drivers for various types of circuits, breakers for any home, and more. When you come to Cajun Breakers, we will have everything you need to complete your at-home project. 

Lighting Controls and Switches

We carry up-to-date lighting controls and switches to fit the needs of any homeowner. Need a certain switch to fit your lifestyle? Get in control with our lighting controls and switches. 

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