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Marine Electrical Supplies

Cajun Breakers is proud to serve the marine industry, stocking electrical supplies to repair a breakdown or replace faulty components in vessels or barges. Wether you are onshore or offshore, we will find a way to get you what you are looking for, coastguard or class and division rating approved.

supplying shipyards, vessels, and barges

Solutions for any electrical need

Our experienced employees are ready to help you get all of your marine electrical supply needs from the best brands at better prices.

Marine Brass

Cajun Breakers offers brass marine hardware as the ideal material to use for traditional boat fittings due to its immense strength, durability and incredible resistance to salt water, corrosion, and rust.

Brass Terminal Tubes

Our brass terminal tubes meet all your marine requirements and are constructed to conform to marine specifications for armored cable, rubber covered cable and flexible conduit.

Bilge Switches, Fuses , & Holders

We supply heavy-duty switches for both automatic and non-automatic bilge pump switches, fuses , and holders suitable for both commercial and recreational applications.

Marine Fire Panels and Gauges

Always be prepared with our vast assortment of switch gauges and sensors to ensure your vessel makes it back to port safely.

Circuit Breakers & Electrical Panels

Because Cajun Breakers does business Nationwide, we can offer breakers and panels at competitive pricing. We are also one of the largest warehouses of marine breakers rated at 50 degrees celcius.

Marine & Shipboard Cable

We understand the needs to have reliable and corrosion-resistant wiring for boats of all shapes and sizes. We stock only the best grades and gauges of all sizes to ensure it safely resists the corrosive effects of saltwater for many years to come.

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Cooper Crouse-Hinds Pauluhn

Offering complete lineup of marine electronic components

Looking for something specific? Chances are we either have it, or can get our hands on a solution that can work for you.

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