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Oil field Electrical Supplies

Cajun Breakers supplies industrial contractors serving companies involved in both land-based and offshore oil and gas exploration, production, and transport all across the Gulf South. Our warehouse stocks hundreds of explosion-proof equipment, electrical safety products, and instrumentation that meet both United States and international standards.

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Solutions for any electrical need

Our experienced employees are ready to help you get all of your oil refinery and oil production electrical supply needs from the best brands at better prices.

Explosion Proof Fittings

To us, the most important feature in our electrical equipment supply is a safe working environment on the oil field as there is the risk of explosion any time during oil field operation. We stock and ship all electrical hazardous and explosion proof equipment.

Safety Equipment

For many years Cajun Breakers is making sure that safety is our #1 goal by supplying high voltage gloves and insulation mats to protect any man and woman in the field.

Hazardous Location Lighting

From LED floods to LED High Bay fixtures, Cajun Breakers can provide your lighting needs for all classes areas.

Explosion Proof Plugs & Receptacles

Cajun Breakers also warehouses many types of explosion proof plugs and receptacles. Wether you're looking for a certain amp requirement, certification classes, or twist locking we can provide your oil refinery or platform with what you need.

Explosion Proof Panels

Our stores also carry explosion proof paneling for protecting electrical panels and hardware. Usually made from sand cast moldings these iron or copper panels and junction boxes can withstand the toughest environments.

Type P and CLX Cable

Harsh environments requires tough equipment. We stock Type P Rig Cables and CLX Cables for offshore and onshore drilling rigs for handling all types of weather, corrosion, stress, and drilling that meet the strictest standards and approval.

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Our knowledgeable associates can recommend and assemble product kits to streamline your projects and provide the best overall value for electrical materials needed in the construction, maintenance, or repair of your onshore and offshore rigs, platforms, and vessels.

Looking for something specific? Chances are we either have it, or can get our hands on a solution that can work for you.

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